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Regret Not Me is a song written by Dora following the death of her grandmother who had reached the ripe of age of almost one hundred and one. The lyrics are by the poet Thomas Hardy, and the music is by Dora …..


The Saucy Sailor is a traditional English folk song which Dora loves to play!

This track The Magical Mirror (aka Dundon Hill) was recorded with Dora’s former band, Forcenra, with whom she played for 9 years. Dora wrote the words and the music and this recording features Dora singing, playing the low D whistle and playing the fiddle. Other members of the band featured on this track are Gem Quinn on guitar and backing vocals, and Dan Swann on bodhran. Sophie Harrison was also a member of the band playing beautiful harmonies on the fiddle.

This track The Wrekin Giants was inspired by ancient stories about giants and the way they shaped the English landscape. It was written by Dora and is played by her and her former band Forcenra.